Medical Emergency Plan HOME Offer Your Employees a Benefit That May Save Their Lives.

Without a medical emergency plan between employees and their existing benefits, they may not survive before those benefits come into play.

An employee has an accident or illness leaving him/her unconscious or incoherent, and unable to communicate with first responders and emergency department staff.


Employer's Diagram Advantages For Employers Michigan Directs First Responders to Medical Emergency Cards

The State of Michigan now requires by law that an indicator for available medical information must be provided on drivers licenses. This alerts first responders that injured passengers are carrying a medical emergency card.

See Michigan’s provision for emergency medical cards.

Enhanced Benefits at No Additional Cost

ECS offers a greater level of safety to employees. They can protect themselves with an option that could save their lives in a medical emergency. At no cost for employers and just pennies a day for employees, the ECS plan offers significant benefit and value to everyone.

More Employee Satisfaction

The ECS plan can help increase employee satisfaction. Our plan helps employees avoid tragedy as no other benefit can. The employer-employee relationship is reinforced by helping them prepare for, and survive, medical emergencies.

Competitive Edge in Recruiting

Benefits are high on the requirements of prospective employees. Our plan gives you an advantage in attracting and retaining the best employees. When presenting your benefits package, you can emphasize the distinctive protection and value of our affordable plan. You will be able to offer an exclusive voluntary benefit.

Easy Enrollment and Portability

Unless an open enrollment period is required, employees can enroll anytime during the year on our website in 5 minutes and pay through payroll deduction. We will accept your dependent definitions for our family plan. There are no forms, waiting periods, or networks to worry about.

When employees retire or leave, they can continue the plan with their credit or debit card. This includes young dependents when their eligibility expires.


A Medical Emergency

There’s a gap in your benefits package.

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The ECS medical emergency plan is the missing piece in a benefits package. Our voluntary plan enhances your existing benefits at no cost to you while increasing employee safety on and off the job.

Your Benefits Package

Core and supplemental insurance benefits help employees after a medical emergency occurs. Our plan helps them immediately when the emergency occurs.