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According to a Pew Research Center analysis of the latest U.S. Census Bureau data, approximately 51 million Americans live in a house with at least two adult generations or a grandparent, and at least one other generation under one roof. Whether your family is extended or it’s just you and your spouse or partner, a medical emergency has a profound effect on all the others in the family.

Not only do seniors have more medical conditions and medications that ED doctors would need to know, 2,792,000 older people are treated in emergency rooms each year from falls. 2014 CDC data.

Whether it’s your immediate or  extended family, ECS will watch over all of you. Risks abound for the young and seniors in every family.

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Then, there are teenagers. Nothing worries us more than the thought that something bad might happen to our children. They are good kids, but things happen all the time that may, or may not be their fault. Car accidents, freak accidents, drugs, alcohol, violence, etc. Even the careless or crazy actions of their friends can put your teen in an emergency situation. Their greatest risk by far is DWY (Driving While Young.)

Juvenal, ancient Roman poet “Make all fair allowance for  the mistakes of youth”

With teenagers, and even young adults in their 20’s and beyond, we have to expect the unexpected more so. That’s where a medical emergency plan comes in. Whether your children have a medical condition and take medicine or not, they belong in the plan. Our family notification service alone is worth the nominal cost of the plan. It can give you immense peace of mind knowing your child carries a medical emergency ID card.

In the event of an emergency, you will be spared the agony of not knowing what’s happened to them. If something happens that involves an emergency room or first responder, we will know and we will contact you within minutes with the details.  

Dealing with reality requires a plan for everyone in your family from teens to seniors. They can enroll here.

Easy enrollment. Total flexibility.

Enrolling in our plan is easier and more family friendly than other benefits. Seniors of any age are eligible.You can enroll anytime during the year unless an open enrollment period is required by your employer.

Because our plan is a voluntary, non-insurance benefit, you are not restricted to the traditional family definitions regarding dependents. Employees, spouses, partners, any family member (living with you or not), may enroll. Your dependent children won’t be taken off the plan when they turn age 26. The plan remains in effect if you leave your company or retire.

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