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The ECS Medical Emergency Plan helps employees survive a medical emergency and brings their family to them when they are needed most.

Unfortunately, medical emergencies are a common occurrence that surround us every day. They happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. They are also occurring at an alarming and growing rate.

In a serious accident or sudden illness, victims are most often incoherent or unconscious. They are unable to communicate vital information about their medical conditions, medications, or medical history to first responders or emergency department doctors. Furthermore, victims need their families notified immediately but are rarely prepared or physically able to provide that information either.

The Emergency Call Service Medical Emergency Plan solves these two dilemmas. We offer a unique voluntary benefit plan that provides fast, dedicated assistance that can help save lives.

ECS securely stores medical information for access by first responders and medical personnel during emergencies only. Once our HIPAA compliant national emergency call center informs medical staff about the victim’s medical details, we immediately notify the victims’ personal contacts. They will know what happened, when and where it happened, and the medical facility the victim has been taken to. ECS covers the U.S. and Canada 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


ECS enhances your voluntary benefits program with a unique plan that increases employee security and satisfaction.

ECS offers a new, inexpensive benefit for tremendous peace of mind. It may save your life. Here’s how it works.




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